BANANA and PINEAPPLE: star products from the Costa Rican agricultural industry

Comparing the first semesters from 2013 and 2014, banana and pineapple crops accomplished a 7.5% and 13% growth in the present year.

According to data offered by the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER, by its Spanish acronym) in the first half of the present year pineapple producers exported a total $459 million, it means $52 million more than what have been exported the last year in the same period of time. Meanwhile, banana producers went from $398 million to $428 millions.

A marketing research made by the National Production Council (CNP) shows that Costa Rica provides the 83% of the pineapple importations in Europe and the 84% in United States. Thanks to this, the pineapple industry offers 25 000 direct jobs and 100 000 indirect jobs, while banana industry offers 40 000 direct jobs and 100 000 indirect.

These numbers have given great satisfaction to the pineapple and banana producers, but at the same time there are worries among them because of what may cause the influence from the phenomenon El Niño in the second semester of the year, especially because of the considerable quantity of rain received by the North and Caribbean regions on July. These consequences may be measured during September and October.

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