How will El Niño phenomenon behave in 2015?

El Niño is an annual phenomenon, it happens between April and March, due to the influence from the trade wind: these winds create a flow that goes all over the Equator and has a direct effect on the entire planet’s weather.

The movement of the trade winds gets slower so the wet air can’t go all over Central America as it usually does and it goes up and down to the north and south of the continent, causing a rain overage in North and South America, and also droughts in Australia and Central America.

On November, experts from United States presented a report showing that this phenomenon has a 53% of expectations to happen in the north hemisphere’s winter, and this increases the possibilities that El Niño doesn’t happens as expected in 2015.

John Dumas from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in United States explains that even tough the temperature is actually 0.8 units higher to the average, the cloudiness caused by El Niño influence is still over Philippines and not moving to America. Moreover, the wind currents are still normal on the west side.

However, scientists estimate that El Niño will happen for sure in 2015, weaker than usual, but they keep expectant about the oceanic data in December that’ll be crucial to make a better prediction, because as the year’s end comes by without showing sign of El Niño presence, it’ll be unlikely to be happening.

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