El Niño phenomenon stays and intensifies in Central America

The drought being suffered by many Central American countries is caused by El Niño phenomenon and it’s affecting subsistence crops such as corn and beans, and others like fruits and coffee.

Specialists in meteorology, hydrology, and agriculture met in Honduras in the Central American Climatic Forum, organized by the Executive Secretariat of the Central American Agricultural Council (SECAC) and the Interamerican Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (IICA).

According to the experts, El Niño phenomenon might rise and become into the worst case since 1997, causing a more intense drought in the Pacific zone, while there would be a rain excess in the Caribbean. This condition could stay for the whole year and until the beginning of 2016.

That is why they recommend to farmers and ranchers to be alert, and prepare with prevention and mitigation actions to keep safe their agricultural activities. The actions may be the installation of collection and water irrigation systems. Fertigation could be an effective alternative to use water in a more economical and efficient way.

They also recommend using more resistant varieties in the regions where droughts are forecasted, reorganize sowing dates and monitor pests to prevent health risks

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