Potato is declared a national and public interest crop in Costa Rica

The administration of Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís in convalescence with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock signed a decree to enlarge the research and production of the potato varieties, as well as the increase of the sowing area of this tuber.

This decree signed on September 14th framed on the 193rd Independence celebration, declares this project developed by the Costa Rican Chamber of Potato Producers in association with the ministry and other governmental and academic agricultural research entities.

The Minister from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Luis Felipe Arauz explained: “during 2013, 18.400 tons of pre-fried frozen potatoes were imported to the country. This has caused a negative effect on potato industry, making necessary to take action that allows the rescue of proximally 3200 acres for potato sowing each year. This decree is a tool that’ll ease the generation of the potato varieties needed by the industry”.

At the end, they hope to rescue at least 3200 acres each year for potato sowing. The main purpose is to give the necessary means to the potato industry for producers to promote the commercial sowing of this product.

This initiative is a part of the government’s plan in which agriculture is one of the main activities as a way to promote the socioeconomic wellness of the country’s population.

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