The exporting offer from Central America

Central America already counts with an offer of 1.134 exporting products and in the recent years there has been a higher diversification of these exporting products, showing a 10% growth since 1995.

This happened thanks to the promotion of these products from the region’s countries, and also because of a better access to new important markets such as Asia and the European Union, thru an association agreement. In fact, the diversification percentage from exporting products to the European Union has a 38.5% growth since 1995.

In the last months of 2013 Central America had a total of 163 exporting destinations, and its exports have been known by the prevalence of the traditional agricultural products, important for the internal economy of these countries.

Putting aside the electronic integrated circuits, in 2013 the export offer from this region in international markets was focused in products such as coffee (11%), banana (10%) and cane sugar (7%).

The main destiny for these exports is the United States market (32%), followed by the interregional market in Central America (23%), the European Union (13%), Mexico (3%) and China (3%).

It’s crucial to highlight that this set of exporting products to United States is the most diversified, followed by the set of products being exported to the European Union.

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