Our company

Who we are

Tilawa was founded in 2008; since then, the demanding market invited us to incorporate a fertilizers line based on liquid formulations, unique in Central America and more specialized, under a concept of chemical reactions for application in pineapple, banana, orange, rice, melon and other tropical crops.

This innovation has brought us recognition internationally among the agricultural producers because of the excellent results our fertilizers offer to their plantations.

What we do

Today, Tilawa Agro is a company dedicated to the production, formulation and distribution of farming and industrial chemical supplies. More than that, we offer to our clients a commercial and technical support for helping them to optimize the crops that use our products, with the objective of getting always the higher profitability in every harvest.
Our experience and constant investigation allow us to improve, continuously, the quality and effectiveness of our products, offering a new concept in vegetal nutrition certified by recognized labs for the different crops.

This way we contribute with multiple solutions to the farming industry, through sustainable and environmental-friendly practices.

What makes us different


1. Quality
We provide supplies that reach the highest quality standards, developed from the experience of our professionals’ team and the constant research. Additionally, our processes are based on international norms and standards like ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and OSHAS 18000.

Watermelon against natural background closeup

2. Work Ethic
Our work is distinguished for the professional dedication and attention we give to our clients, occupying a significant place in the agricultural scenery, local and internationally. Our commercial partners recognize our labor because of the passion, honesty and human warmth we put in every action.


3. Professional team
We have a multidisciplinary professional team, capable of proposing and promoting innovative and integral technical solutions for agriculture. We are very interested and committed to achieve successful results in our clients’ crops.

Our products’ scope

We form a multidisciplinary team that offers specialized technical consultancy. This has allowed us to expand our presence to countries like: Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Brazil with excellent results.

Our mission

Being an agro-industrial and innovative company and without borders, promoting the development of products of high quality in vegetal nutrition, which can satisfy the productive demands of the modern markets and the environment.

Our vision

Formulating and commercializing liquid fertilizers of high quality, following and improving the known standards to satisfy and exceed the requirements of our clients.

Our values

  • IMG_3180 - copiaLoyalty: keeping firm and devoted to the acquired compromises.
  • Compromise: maintaining a responsible and careful attitude with persons, environment, products and goods.
  • Integrity: we are impeccable persons, people you can trust.
  • Team work: we work in a coordinated and integrated way, focused in accomplishing the organization goals.
  • Respect: we appreciate the differences, expressing that with courtesy and kindness.


Our products are the result of our constant process of investigation and development, as well as the requirements and specifications of our clients, obtaining efficiency and effectiveness in crops like pineapple, rice, melon, ornamental plants and others.