Black Gold (AF 34%, AH 3,7%)

  • N: 1,9%
  • P205: 1,3%
  • K2O: 2,6%
  • CaO: 4,3%
  • MgO: 0,7%
  • S: 0,4%
  • Zn: 0,06%
  • Fe: 0,4%
  • B: 0,4%
  • Other: 33,5 de AF (+3% de AH)
  • Observation: Sus. Húmicas líquidas
  • Measurement unit: P/V %

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Product Description

Black Gold is a liquid organic mineral biostimulant-aid directly applied to the soil or substrate, or via fertigation or foliar spray. Black Gold comes from recalcitrant plant extracts with high levels of organic carbon (organic material) oxidizable (23.2%), mainly as fulvic acid (34%), and secondarily as humic acids (3.7%) and amino acids (1.3%) and others elements in less scale. Its main action is as chelating agent and carrier, it enhances some pesticides (high Koc), and it’s an anti-stress agent and enhances germination and rooting processes.