• N: 8%
  • P205: 30%
  • Observation: Polifosfato de amonio
  • Measurement unit: P/V %

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Product Description

Nutriphos 8-30-0 is a liquid fertilizer highly soluble, stable and concentrated in P2O5 as ammonium polyphosphate, produced with high quality raw materials, without risk of heavy metals and produced by an exothermic chemical reaction. It contains 8% of N (N-NH4) and 30% of P2O5 en %P/V. It is designed to supply or correct the needs of P in the crop, and its ideal to be applied in liquid form directly to the soil or substrate, in drench, foliar spray or fertigation, either alone or mixed with other products because it also works as moderate intensity chelant. Being formed by ammonium polyphosphate the Nutriphos 8-30-0 fertilization efficiency increases because the potential for P fixation in the soil decreases.

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