• P205: 86%
  • Observation: Fosfito puro al 98%
  • Measurement unit: P/V %

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Product Description

Nutriphos 86 is formulated based on phosphorous acid, highly soluble and fast foliar and roots absorption, with phloem and xylem movements. It contains 97% of PO3 equivalent to 86% of P2O5 in% P / V. It provides to the plants corrective or stimulating source of K and P, especially in long-cycle crops, perennials and fruit. The phosphite ion works directly as a fungicide, and indirectly encouraging plants mechanisms of systemic acquired resistance which serve as defense (eg phyto-Alexinas) before the attack of diseases, especially with agents such as fungi classes like Oomycetes such as Phytophthora, Pythium, Plasmopara, Peronospora, Pseudoperonospora, Bremia and Albugo, among others. Nutriphos is useful to lower the pH of the application mixtures or to clean the internal systems of fertigation.