TQI Sulfato de Mg Líq

  • MgO: 10%
  • S: 8%
  • Observation: Mg(SO4) líquido
  • Measurement unit: P/V %

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Product Description

Liquid Magnesium Sulfate is a liquid fertilizer based on high concentration of Magnesium Sulfate chelated with fulvic acids, produced with great quality raw materials, with heavy metals risk and produced by chemical exothermic reaction process which guarantees a 100% soluble and stable source of Magnesium. It contains 10% of MgO and 8% S, in % P / V. Liquid Magnesium Sulfate is designed to supply the needs of Mg or S in the crops, either being applied via fertigation or by foliar spraying or drenched on the soil or substrates.