Producers from the North Zone of Costa Rica are combining wood production and agriculture

Thank to the support from the National Forestry Financing Fund (FONAFIFO by its Spanish acronym) the farmers from the North Zone of the country are betting on the planting of wood trees in partnership with other agricultural activities.

FONAFIFO is responsible for providing the financial resources and technical assistance so the farmers may develop their plantations thru an agreement established with Upanacional.

The main purpose of this pilot project is to encourage new production systems; environmental friendly and sustainable, so the farmers can receive additional incomings from there.

Actually there are proximally 28 producers working under this system in some communities in San Carlos, Los Chiles y Guatuso and they have planted 47 thousand trees. In the next few months are expected to join this initiative 15 more farmers to reach the sown of 23 thousand trees more of species as teak and melina.

Representatives from MAG and MINAET are very committed with this project and are hoping that more farmers can join it, achieving benefits for their families and the environment.

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