What are the advantages of fertirrigation?

When the irrigation system is used for applying the fertilizer too, the fertirrigation brings some important advantages for producers related to practicality, effectiveness and economy:

  1. A better distribution of fertilizers: when fertilizers are applied by fertirrigation, the distribution of them is uniform and localized; but if this application is made by hand, it becomes imprecise and non-uniform.
  2. Optimized nutrition of the crops. Fertilization can be controlled and adapted to the type of soil, the climate, the irrigation water and the stage of the crop. This way the yield of the crop increases and the producer can get a higher quality in the harvest.
  3. Economy in labor force and the cost of fertilizers. Savings come because when producers implement fertirrigation, they need fewer people to maintain the crops; also because the irrigation equipment is used for a double purpose. Additionally, the profitability in fertilizers increases significantly.
  4. Soil compaction decreases. With fertirrigation, heavy equipment is no needed in the planting field. This avoids soil compaction and also reduces the mechanical damage in plants.
  5. Environmental protection. Contamination can be controlled avoiding the excess of fertilizers. Additionally, with fertirrigation producers can save water and low quality waters can be used as well, helping the environment.

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